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Parent Involvement Policy

Wells Elementary School
Parent Involvement Policy

A student's educational success is a shared responsibility between all parties involved; student, parents/guardians and school staff. At Wells Elementary, our teachers and staff are committed to creating future leaders by empowering each student to become the "Leader in Me." As we offer support and encouragement to foster a growth environment for each of our students to truly emerge as leaders, we must begin with a proactive partnership.

Our school family at Wells is diverse in culture, language and academic needs. Working together and embracing programs such as the Spanish Immersion curriculum, our students will learn that diversity is what makes us each unique and inclusion is what brings us all together. Working together we can establish programs and practices that enhance involvement of parents and reflect the specific needs of students and their families. Forums such as the annual Title 1 meeting will be used to learn about and discuss funded programs and opportunities available to all of our students and parents.

In order to present a unified front and sense of one to our students, each staff member and parent/guardian must be willing to:

Be proactive and work collaboratively as active partners.

Begin with the end in mind, giving each child the tools to achieve their own academic success each year.

Put first things first by working with our parent involvement program, which will require participation from all parents/guardians at all grade levels.

Think win-win and share a common commitment to all children's educational success. After all, we are empowering our future leaders.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood by listening to ideas from all stakeholders making decisions based on what is best for all children.

Synergize by working together to develop programs/initiatives that promote and grow a true partnership, combining our support to strengthen the school's educational success

Sharpen the saw by celebrating diversity in our students and successes of our leaders in all grade levels .

The staff and parents of Wells Elementary are committed to a partnership for the success of each of our students. Throughout the year, we will continue to communicate, engage and educate all stakeholders on all aspects of their child's education and achievements.

~Wells Elementary... Where we EMPOWER and LEAD!~